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Engagement rings

Engagement RingChoosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring for your significant other can be the most challenging task when it comes to the wedding journey.  To remove the stress of choosing the perfect engagement ring, we have some hot tips and ideas to make life easy.

Tradition dictates that the engagement ring should be worth ‘1 months’ salary.  This is no longer the case – especially in this economic climate!  You can find the perfect Engagement Ring starting from just $500.

First and foremost set a budget and stick to it! We always strive to meet the budget expectations of our clients and in most cases come in under budget. Being manufacturing jewellers gives us greater flexibility in our prices to meet all sorts of styles, tastes and budgets.

Choosing the right diamond
We believe the diamond chooses the person. We generally do some basic diamond training with our clients in the four C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat) so they know what to look for when making there selection. Where we differ from most other jewellers is we let the client choose from a selection of certified diamonds in their price range without revealing the grade of the diamond until they have selected the one. Why? Because regardless of the grades of diamonds we want people to choose a diamond that appeals to them for whatever reason! Hence the diamond chooses them.

Types of Metals
Gold used to be the most common choice of metal for engagement rings but white gold and platinum are growing rapidly in popularity.

We are seeing our customers come back to the traditional 18ct yellow gold. There has definitely been a shift from the white metals of the last 10 years. Our last three engagement sales have been yellow gold. As far as white metals 18ct White Gold is still our most popular choice followed by platinum. Platinum is considered the king of metals due to its density and hardness however with people’s budgets getting squeezed we have seen less platinum purchases in the last 12 months.

The Right Size
This will require a little ground work, and there are several ways you can go about it.  If you’re getting the ring as a suprise for your partner you’ll need to work out her ring size! Try taking one of her rings into a jeweller to have it sized.  The other option is to ask her mother, if she doesn’t already know she will certainly be able to find out.


Come into Merimbula Jewellers and see Eric and the team for an obligation free chat about Engagement ring options.