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Seiko Wall ClockWhether you want it to chime on the hour or be silent completely, a clock is a necessity in every household and business, it’s for this reason that we only stock the best and most reliable clocks on the market.

In addition to clocks we also sell weather stations, tide clocks , barometers and Galileo thermometers.

Below is the range of clocks we sell instore:



Equipped with the same technology and reliability Seiko guarantee on their watches, Merimbula Jewellers also offer a range of Seiko wall clocks. Seiko wall clocks start at $89.


ATW Arabic Railway ClockATW

We are very proud to carry ATW’s Australian made Railway clocks. Finished in mahogany or walnut, ATW railway clocks start at $259.

In addition to clocks, We also sell ATW’s highly regarded weather instruments (Galileo Thermometers, Weather Stations and Barometers) and marine instruments (Barometers, Quartz and Tide Clocks)


Hermle Clocks


Founded in 1922 in Southern Germany, Hermle clocks are made with German precision and efficiency. Merimbula Jewellers stock the Hermle chiming wall clocks, starting at $595.