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Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery ValuationsWe often see customers who aren’t sure of the value of their jewellery; this is often the case for jewellery inherited but can also be the case for jewellery purchased, including engagement rings and wedding bands.

A valuation on your jewellery is important for your own piece of mind, particularly with the rising gold and gemstone prices during the last 5 years.

You may also need a valuation for insurance purposes; most insurers request a jewellery valuation from an Australian Registered Valuer before insuring any jewellery items.

Having your jewellery valued professionally is very worthwhile.  At Merimbula Jewellers we offer a registered valuation service for all jewellery, whether you have purchased it with us or not.

Jewellery valuations start from as little as $30 for gold jewellery and $50 for a diamond ring.

Bring your jewellery into Merimbula Jewellers to have it valued any time.