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Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend… but knowledge will make that friend valued for life.

Choosing the Right Diamond

We believe diamonds choose the person. When a customer comes to us with a diamond preference in mind, we generally do some basic diamond training in the four Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) so they know what to look for when making their selection. Where we differ from most other jewellers is that we let the client choose from a selection of certified diamonds in their price range without revealing the grade of the diamond until they have selected the one.

Why? Because regardless of the grades of diamonds we want people to choose a diamond that appeals to them for whatever reason! Hence the diamond chooses them.

As a diamond wholesaler Eric has spent many years learning about, and educating others about all aspects of a diamond.  And his access to a huge range of different diamonds from all over Australia will allow you to make your choice from a varied selection; so you’re guaranteed the best diamond you can acheive with your budget.

Come in store and see Eric for an obligation free chat anytime.