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Remake / Remodel

Jewellery Remake / RemodelRemake / Remodel Existing Jewellery

Remaking or remodelling existing jewellery is one of the biggest parts of our business.  We have seen even more of these jobs come through in the last few years as people’s budgets aren’t stretching as far as they may like, this option is often a more affordable way to get that stunning piece of jewellery you’ve always wanted.

People often find that they have some existing jewellery in their home that they don’t often wear, if at all.  In many cases this involves jewellery that has been handed down and may have dated a little or doesn’t match the new owner’s tastes.  In this case we can work with the jewellery you already have to create something perfect for you… and you save money on the materials!

Whether you already have an idea in mind, or you’re looking for some inspiration we can work with you to design a piece you’ll love and want to wear all the time.

Remakes and Remodels often take less time than a start from scratch piece, however it always depends on the customer requirements. Bring your existing jewellery in for an obligation free quote.