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Design Your Own (Remake & remodel)

Design your own jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, personal taste is everything.  That’s why we offer a custom-made jewellery service to all our customers. Whether you are starting from scratch, have some old jewellery to remodel or remake into something perfect, or are simply repairing a favourite our Onsite Master Jeweller will ensure you end up with exactly what you want.


Start from Scratch

The best way to decide exactly what you want is to come into the shop armed with some images, or even drawings of your own.  Then with your input, Eric will create a sketch of exactly what you want.  Once your happy we will then turn this into a full CAD sketch with dimensions and all necessary requirements.  Once approved our Onsite Master Jeweller will start creating your dream piece… be it a ring, necklace, earrings or even brooch we can make it on site, just the way you desire.


Remake / Remodel Existing Jewellery

People often find that they have some existing jewellery in their home that they don’t often wear, if at all.  In many cases this involves jewellery that has been handed down and may have dated a little or doesn’t match the new owner’s tastes.  In this case we can work with the jewellery you already have to create something perfect for you… and you save money on the materials!

Whether you already have an idea in mind, or you’re looking for some inspiration we can work with you to design a piece you’ll love and want to wear all the time.


Jewellery Repairs

Accidents happen! In our every day busy lives we can often accidentally knock our jewellery, or find it in the hands of little fingers who aren’t so careful! When a piece of jewellery needs repairing you want to be sure that it will be restored to it’s former glory without too much hassle.  Jewellery repairs are no different to a new design or a remake in terms of the care our Onsite Master Jeweller takes to ensure it turns out just right. With your input and our expertise we can guarantee you’ll be wearing you’re jewellery again soon… and it will look like new.